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Boy Dies One Week After Child-Welfare Investigators Visit
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Man With History Of DUIs Causes Injuries
November 17, 2018

They want to bring you a story from a little out of their coverage area because it highlights some of the dangers that pedestrians all over Arizona face each day. Last month in Tucson, a man with a history of DUI charges was arrested after a hit-and-run accident that seriously injured a man in his 60s. Police say that Christopher Lopez is not facing more charges – aggravated DUI and....

Self-Driving Vehicle Strikes And Injures Motorcyclist
November 16, 2018

They have seen this before in Arizona – self-driving or autonomous vehicles causing injuries or deaths. Now another incident has occurred. Last week, an 18-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a Waymo self-driving car accident If you are not familiar with Waymo, it is the self-driving car wing of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. A safety driver was behind the wheel of the vehicle when the accident happened and had actually just....

Driver Runs Stop Sign, Topples School Bus
November 10, 2018

We want to bring you a story about an event that happened last week in nearby Avondale when a school bus was struck by a driver. Last Wednesday, police say that a school bus with a driver and six students on board was struck at a West Valley intersection by a driver who ran a stop sign. As a result of the accident, the bus spun out of control, tipped,....

Pedestrian Struck And Killed By Semi-Truck
November 09, 2018

We want to bring you a story that happened a few months ago because we think it highlights some of the dangers we have been speaking about when it comes to large trucks. In September, a semi-truck driver was heading east on Van Buren Street. When he took a right turn onto 35th Avenue, the rear wheels of his vehicle came up onto the sidewalk and struck a man who....

Company Not Responsible For Employee Family Members Death
November 03, 2018

The Arizona Supreme Court handed down a huge ruling recently that says Arizona companies have no duty to protect family members of employees from exposure to toxic materials their employees bring home on their work clothes. The case arose when survivors of Ernest Quiroz sued Reynolds Metal Co., now Alcoa, saying they should be held liable for his mesothelioma, a form of cancer commonly associated with asbestos exposure. Mr. Quiroz....

Phoenix Rollover Kills 22-Year-Old
November 02, 2018

A 22-year-old woman was killed last week in a two-vehicle rollover crash on the Interstate 17 frontage road. Police say that a Nissan Altima and a Volkswagen Passat collided. Both of the vehicles broke through a chain-link fence and obstructed the southbound emergency lane on I-17. Unfortunately, the driver of the Volkswagen died at the scene after being ejected from the vehicle. While the reason for the crash has not....

Boy Dies One Week After Child-Welfare Investigators Visit
October 27, 2018

In a tragic story that we wish we did not have to report, we are finding out that state child-welfare investigators visited the home of a one-year-old a week before his death in July. Josiah Gishie was killed just one month after returning to his mother’s home after spending his first year of life in foster care. He was put not foster care at birth because his mother, Donielle King,....