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Two Pedestrians Hospitalized After Phoenix Crash
If you were a pedestrian involved in an accident and you suffered injuries, a pedestrian accident attorney in Phoenix is available to help.
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Two Pedestrians Hospitalized After Phoenix Crash
September 15, 2018

Two unnamed pedestrians who were struck by a vehicle while walking after dark in Phoenix have been hospitalized and are reported to be in stable condition. The incident took place on Black Canyon near I-17, and it is unknown whether the driver of the vehicle will be facing charges related to the collision. Although these individuals were alleged to have been medically stabilized after getting treatment, not every pedestrian involved....

Driver-Free Cars Cause Concern Among Phoenix Citizens
September 14, 2018

Modern technology has brought sweeping innovations across the landscape that is our lives. Technological advancements have led to amazing changes, and each year brings new awe-inspiring wonders that we can incorporate into our daily lives. One such innovation is the driver-free car. However, since taking to the roadways, driverless vehicles have been involved in more than a dozen accidents. The city of Phoenix allows driverless cars to operate even so,....

Bike Share Programs Are Booming In Arizona: But What Are The Legal Risks?
September 08, 2018

The ridesharing industry has truly exploded in the last few years (in a good way), with Uber and Lyft becoming the leading ridesharing companies in the United States. In fact, over 25 percent of American say they use ridesharing apps from time to time. But if you are looking for a new way to explore the city or get to your destination – without having to sit a vehicle with....

Why Taking Your Dog To Work Is A Bad Idea (And Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Biting Coworkers)
September 07, 2018

Taking your dog to the office may seem like a fun idea, yet only few people realize how dangerous it might be. Even if your dog has never shown signs of aggression and has never hurt a fly, you are potentially exposing yourself to a dog bite lawsuit, because under California law, a dog owner is strictly liable if another person was bitten by his/her dog regardless of whether there....

Signs of a Brain Injury After a Car Accident
September 01, 2018

If you were recently in a car accident, you might have sustained a severe injury. From broken bones to whiplash, to a concussion, there are a variety of injuries, car accidents can be the cause of a wide range of injuries and damage. One type of injury, a brain injury, can be particularly dangerous if it is not recognized and treated by a medical professional. After seeking medical advice, it....

3 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents
August 31, 2018

Have you been in a motorcycle accident? Unlike being involved in a car accident where the two drivers are inside of their respective cars, a motorcycle driver is much more exposed. This makes these accidents dangerous and likely to result in some type of accident. Whenever there is a motorcycle accident, a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney should be consulted to help with the case. Depending on the type of accident,....

5 Hazards That Pose Serious Danger to Motorcycle Riders
August 25, 2018

Owning a motorcycle is not just fun, it’s also dangerous. You know as a motorcycle owner that there are dangers all around you when on the road. You plan for and train for coming across various hazards. But, there isn’t always enough time to react to certain hazards. This is what leads to accidents involving motorcycles. Our Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney would like to discuss five hazards that pose a....