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What Are The Most Dangerous Intersections For Phoenix Cyclists?

Posted by Jess A. Lorona | Aug 03, 2018 | 0 Comments

Bicycle accident

If you own a bicycle in Phoenix or elsewhere in Arizona, you probably have some sort of understanding of state laws that apply in the event of a bicycle accident. Unfortunately, only an insignificant number of cyclists in Arizona are aware of ALL the state laws that apply to cyclists, some of which might reduce your personal injury settlement or leave you with no compensation whatsoever.

For example, did you know that Arizona law makes it illegal for motorists to bypass bicyclists in the same lane? Well, now you do. We invited our Phoenix bicycle accident attorney from the Lorona Mead to outline some of the most notable state laws for bicyclists in Arizona.

Arizona laws for cyclists (are they different from the regular traffic laws?)

First and foremost, just because you ride a bicycle, it does not mean that you are not required to abide by the regular traffic laws, the laws that apply to car drivers and motorcyclists. Surprisingly, Arizona law classifies bicycles as “vehicles,” which makes them no different from such vehicles as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

That means the same laws that apply to cars also apply to bicyclists. So, if you are riding a bike in Phoenix or elsewhere in Arizona, you must stop at intersections and stoplights, and yield the right of way to pedestrians.

“However, there are also certain other laws that apply to cyclists,” says our experienced bicycle accident attorney in Phoenix. “These laws include riding as close to the edge of the road as possible.”

  • Ride as close to the curb as possible;
  • Never ride on the sidewalk, since bicycles are considered “vehicles” under Arizona law;
  • If you are sharing the road with other cyclists, avoid riding more than two abreast in the same lane;
  • Equip your bicycle with a white light, especially when riding at night (the light must be so powerful that you should be visible to other motorists from at least 500 feet away;
  • If you are riding your bike in the evening, morning, or at night, equip your bicycle with a red reflector light in the back to be visible to other vehicles traveling behind you.

If you want to find out more laws and rules that apply to bicyclists, consult with the best bicycle accident lawyers in Arizona.

The most dangerous intersections for cyclists in Phoenix

And while it is critical that you are aware of all the Arizona laws for bicyclists, it is no less important that you are familiar with the list of Phoenix intersections to avoid if you are riding a bike.

That is because some intersections in Phoenix are very dangerous, and some of them even see hundreds of bicycle accidents annually. We asked our Phoenix bicycle accident attorney from the Lorona Mead to outline a list of the most dangerous intersections for cyclists in Phoenix.

  • McDowell Rd & 43RD Ave;
  • Thomas Rd & 7th St (high number of running red light collisions);
  • 16th St & Thomas Rd;
  • 7th St & Mohave St (high number of running red light collisions);
  • I-17 Frontage Rd and McDowell Rd;
  • 67th Ave and McDowell Rd;
  • 67th Ave and Indian School Rd;
  • 59th Ave & Indian School Rd;
  • 43RD Ave & Thomas Rd; and
  • 15th Ave & Camelback Rd (high number of running red light collisions).

While it may be impossible to avoid riding a bike at all of these intersections altogether, it is highly advised to exercise extra caution when riding through the above-mentioned intersections in Phoenix. This might save your life or prevent severe injuries. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, speak to our lawyers from the Lorona Mead. Get a free consultation by calling at 602-385-6825 or fill out this contact form.

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