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Two Pedestrian Accidents In One Weekend

Posted by Jess A. Lorona | Mar 01, 2019 | 0 Comments

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Exploring Transportation Options and Addressing Safety Concerns

There are many ways to get to a place. Some people use their personal car. Some borrow vehicles or carpool. Others take public transportation while others choose to walk or use a bicycle. Alternative methods of transportation that don't require a motorized vehicle aren't that well received. If you have ever ridden a bike near a downtown area or on an open road then you will experience first hand the amount of unnecessary aggression or complete lack of awareness people have when driving. This lack of awareness can also be attributed to distracted driving.

Drivers know where they are going because they are generally riding a route that they take every day. Because they are taking this normal route their brain isn't really processing all the information, Instead, the brain is looking for big changes. Seeing someone bike on the side of the road is not big enough, unfortunately— apparently, neither is walking. These past weekend pedestrians have been the target to the drivers.

A Horrific Ordeal

Over the weekend, not one but two pedestrians died only a month after another pedestrian was killed by drivers. The tragic ending to a 78-year old man was ruthless as he was hit by not one but four cars. The gentleman was walking near Indian School Road and Third Avenue in central Phoenix when he was struck Toyota truck. The truck hit him into adjacent traffic where he was then hit by three more cars. One of the vehicles that hit him did not stop which results in a hit and run. He was transported to the hospital but was pronounced dead when he got there.

The second death happened to a 60-year old man at an intersection in Phoenix where a month ago a woman was struck and killed in a hit and run. As you can see here there are a few patterns. First, there is a pattern of older age. Those who are older are more likely to die from serious injuries because of the trauma to their body. Older people do not respond well to blunt force trauma as someone who is younger. The second pattern is that they all happened at an intersection. This means that the drivers were not paying attention to the pedestrians. This can be attributed to distracted driving or speeding. Whatever the answer, if you or someone you love was injured as a pedestrian then you have the right to compensation for your injuries.

Seeking Justice with our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Getting hit by a car as a pedestrian is still considered a kind of car accident. You are entitled to compensation for getting hit, but insurance companies are tricky. Even though insurance companies are meant to protect you, they are also looking out for their bottom line. Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Lorona Mead in Phoenix have the resources and experience to negotiate and represent for you. Don't settle for the first number, call (602) 385-6825 or click here to start your journey to success with our professional attorneys at Lorona Mead in Phoenix today.

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