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Top 5 Days for DUI Arrests

Posted by Jess A. Lorona | Jul 01, 2022 | 0 Comments


5 Days for DUI arrests are listed below:

1. Fourth of July weekend

is known as the most deadly weekend of the year. The perfect storm of millions of people coming out to celebrate, coupled with alcohol and fireworks, creates a weekend full of deadly opportunities. DUI arrest are no exception.

2. New Year's Day

is often known as a day for drinking and celebrating the new year, however many consume more than they originally planned, given the atmosphere.

3. Thanksgiving and the night before Thanksgiving

are known as big drinking days, as the only obligation for many is to eat, lie around, and recover from their hangover.

4. Labor Day Weekend

usually marks the end of summer for many places. While Arizona may not fall into the “end of summer”category, as we are often still experiencing 100 degree days, we are no exception to DUI arrest on this weekend.

5. Memorial Day

Similar to Labor Day, Memorial Day weekend often symbolizes the beginning of summer for many places. Barbecues, lake days, and block parties are common occurrences where no one plans to get too intoxicated to drive, but it happens.

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