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Shared Scooters Causing Problems in Tempe, Metro Phoenix

Posted by Jess A. Lorona | Jan 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

Shared scooters

Rising Concerns and Accident Statistics

Shared scooters with companies like Bird, Razor and Lime are a big hit in Tempe, but they are definitely causing a fair share of problems. The Tempe City Council voted earlier this year to tighter regulations on these popular transportation devices, noting that since shared scooters were introduced in May of 2018, the fire department has responded to 119 scooter-involved accidents. Most injuries are minor, involving the legs and arms, but there have been more serious injuries reported also, including patients injured seriously enough to require transport to a Level 1 trauma center.

Addressing Safety Concerns: Tempe's New Regulations on Shared Scooters

Among the changes unanimously approved by the council were new licensing fees, a cap on the number of scooters allowed in the city, and staging requirements for scooters not in use. The council also announced that it will study added measures to improve safety surrounding scooter use. In imposing its new restrictions, the council likely took into account the many complaints about shared scooter use. Reports of scooters driving into traffic and crashing into parked cars and other objects, as well as instances of intoxicate scooter operators likely had a lot to do with the council's concerns. Moreover, pedestrians, according to reports, are upset that streets are “littered with stray scooters,” which can pose trip and fall and slip and fall accidents and other injuries.

Tempe's new regulations hope to stem the problems caused by scooters. Going forward and effective immediately, companies offering shared scooters will be required to pay a $7,888 right-of-way use license fee each year and a $1.06 per-scooter-per-day fee for right-of-way staging of scooters. They will also be required to share data with the city in regards to scooter locations and patterns of use.

Tempe also requires that scooters are now staged upright on a parking surface with no more than 10 scooters together at once location. Companies can no longer stage scooters in front of single-family homes or on residential streets. The shared scooters must be restaged every 24 hours, and companies are given two hours for restaging improperly parked scooters. If they fail to do so, the company will be charged a $100 fee for relocation. And finally, companies offering shared scooters must also educate users on local and state laws regarding their use and on how to properly park them.

Wider Impact:Shared Scooters Challenges Extend Beyond Tempe

Tempe is not alone in its scooter woes. Scottsdale and Gilbert have also experienced issues in scooter incidents over the past few months. The Scottsdale Fire Department was called out to 12 incidents involving the shared scooters as of December. In one instance, the scooter rider hit a pot hole. Other instances were due to alcohol use while riding. Gilbert police responded to calls for service to scooter incidents that left scooter riders with head injuries, fractures and lacerations.

Seek Legal Assistance for Scooter-Related Injuries

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