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Reasons To Pursue Pre-marriage Counseling

Posted by Jess A. Lorona | Apr 17, 2018 | 0 Comments

reasons pursue pre marriage counseling

Many couples, even emotionally healthy ones, can experience big questions about marriage before taking those big steps down the aisle. Feeling this sense of questioning is entirely normal, and is one of the reasons why many counselors encourage engaged couples to pursue pre-marriage counseling.

We are always taking appointments for couples interested in pre-marriage counseling; we believe it's a crucial step when it comes to improving your relationship, establishing healthier behaviors, and, most importantly, avoiding divorce. Do not hesitate and contact an experienced family lawyers Phoenix AZ to ensure you are taking all proper steps.

Why is Pre-Marriage Counseling so Important?

The following are a few reasons why we consider pre-marriage counseling to be such an important step for our clients:

  • Discuss issues

Pre-marriage counseling is an opportunity to talk about hidden or not-so-hidden issues that lead to arguments, and can even start couples down the road toward separation. In a counseling session, you and your partner can talk about problems as they arise or even before they do so, so you can learn how to talk about them in the future. Having a plan of action for conflicts can turn out to be enormously helpful down the road.

  • Receive wisdom

The prior experience of a strong marriage counselor can be invaluable when you're encountering the unknown. Knowing that someone older has been through what you're experiencing, and has felt similar feelings, can make it easier for you to make decisions and understand better what you're starting when you get married.

  • Improve communication

Effective communication is integral to a strong and lasting marriage. Going through counseling can help couples become better active listeners, and start to understand each other's wants and needs. Instead of taking each other for granted, you and your spouse-to-be can learn how to have more open communication and express your love more fully to one another by going through pre-marriage counseling.

  • Learn something new

In pre-marriage counseling, couples often have the chance to discover new information about one another, especially about the past and painful experiences that don't always arise in everyday conversations. It can help provide insight as to why your partner behaves in the way he or she does, and bring to light any underlying issues either of you may need to address.

  • Prevent divorce

Many couples pursue pre-marriage counseling because they want to prevent a future divorce. With the rates of divorce as high as they are, this should come as no surprise. Pre-marriage counseling is very effective in helping keep couples from separating, because it helps mend problems with communication that often lead them in that direction in the first place. It will give you the tools to you and your partner need to begin to build trust and support for each other.

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