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If you are an employer, there may likely come a time when you have to hire an employment lawyer Phoenix locals trust. There are some employment issues that are tricky and require legal assistance. Here are a few issues that you should consider hiring an employment lawyer for:

You Want to Terminate an Employee

If one of your employees isn't working out, you might be thinking about terminating him or her. Before you do that, make sure to ask an employment lawyer in Phoenix if you have legal grounds to do so. If you wrongly terminate an employee, you put yourself at risk of getting sued.

You Are Being Sued

It is essential to speak to an employment lawyer Phoenix residents respect if a current or former employee is suing you. If you don't take action right away, you may not be able to protect your legal rights. An experienced employment lawyer may advise you on the next steps you should take.

You Need an Employee Contract Reviewed

It may be important to have an employment lawyer Phoenix locals rely on review employee contracts. He or she may make sure they contain all the necessary legal terms and check for errors. If you included wording that may cause issues later on, an employer may make you aware of this.

You Have to Classify an Employee

When you hire an employee, you must properly classify him or her as an independent contractor, common-law employee, statutory employee or statutory nonemployee. If you misclassify an employee, you could face heavy fines. A Phoenix employment lawyer may help you make sure that you are classifying each employee correctly.

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