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Dog Attacks Lead To Death

Posted by Jess A. Lorona | Mar 08, 2019 | 0 Comments

Dog Attacks

The Consequences of Neglecting Dog Care and Training

Dogs can be the most fun-loving and unconditional loving animals in the world. One of the greatest joys for dog lovers is to come home to their excited pet. The thought of knowing that you are coming home to a beloved pet is such a warm feeling that some are calling dogs their companions, their furry companions. The strength that comes from the love of a dog is such an experience, but not every owner treats their dogs like their children. Some believe that dogs are just that, dogs. Some believe that these animals are not to be used for their love or loyalty, but their strength and aggression. Some see these dogs as just tools to scare unwanted people away. They do not see the benefit of showing them love, feeding them enriched food, or making sure that they are properly kept. It is because of these kinds of people that animals act out of place and start to become aggressive.

Not all dogs are aggressive. Some do have less of temperament than others, but that usually only happens in small dogs like Chihuahuas or smaller lap dogs. Smaller dogs have less patience than bigger dogs, but because they lack the strength or volume of their jaws, bigger dogs get a worse representation for biting. Big dogs are great to have for guard dogs, but if you aren't training them right or providing them their basic needs then big dogs turn from guard dogs to unnecessarily aggressive dogs.

Aggressive Dogs Maul Neighbor

The story of the two pit bulls who mauled a neighbor is tragic. These dogs were so aggressive that they jumped the fence in their back yard. Once the two dogs cleared the fence they went straight for the elderly neighbor and her small dog. Two people tried to help the elderly woman and were also injured in the incident. The elderly neighbor's small dog did not make it through the attack and died on the scene. The elderly neighbor and two others were taken to the hospital for injuries. The two dogs were removed from the home and a case is open on the couple who are responsible for the dogs.

In Arizona, there are laws that tell you what you can and cannot do with your dogs. For example, you must have dogs on leash at all times in public. You must keep your dogs enclosed and they must not run loose whether on your property or in public. The defense of provocation may be used, but a defense of lack of prior incidents does not work. It is hard to believe that an elderly woman and her dog were somehow provoking the two larger dogs.

Seeking Accountability for Dog Attacks

Dog attacks can turn fatal and if you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a dog attacks then the owners must be held accountable. Call (602) 385-6825 or click here to start your journey to success with our Dog Attack Attorneys at Lorona Mead in Phoenix.

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