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The Homeowners’ Association: Circumstances in Which Representatives May Enter Your Home

If you live in a community that has a homeowners’ association (HOA), you may want to consult with a real estate lawyer Phoenix relies on. A real estate lawyer in Phoenix, such as one from Lorona Mead, may be able to help answer some questions concerning HOA and your rights. If you have a real estate-related question, call 602-385-6825 to speak with a Phoenix real estate lawyer today.

A question that our clients often ask is whether you are required to allow an HOA representative enter your home. The problem with answering this question is that it really does depend on your HOA’s governing documents. A real estate lawyer Phoenix homeowners trust may be able to help you understand the rules of your HOA, as well as any relevant state statutes.

Emergency Entrance

Most HOAs state that a representative can enter your home in an emergency situation. This includes health and safety reasons related to the home or to people inside the home. Additionally, most state laws also allow that a representative can enter the home if there is an emergency.

This is not something that a homeowner normally protests because it is usually in their best interest, but if you have questions about what is considered an emergency, you may want to consult with a real estate lawyer Phoenix offers to address your concerns.


Maintenance can be something that you overlook, but it is one of the reasons why an HOA representative may need to enter your home. The representative may need to enter your unit to access common air ducts or plumbing that runs to common areas or serves the building as a whole.

If a representative needs to enter your unit, they do usually give notice of a week or two before inconveniencing you. You may want to check your HOA’s governing documents to determine if they are required to give notice or not. Also, note that if there is an emergency situation with the plumbing or air, for example, you may not be given proper notice.


If you are suspected of breaking an HOA rule or regulation, a representative may be able to enter your unit on suspicion and do an inspection. In this case, you might receive warning; this depends on the rules of your HOA.

However, a real estate lawyer Phoenix provides may tell you that many HOA representatives are hesitant to enter a unit for an inspection. There isn’t always a clear requirement of evidence required to enter based on rule violations. Furthermore, if you’re given notice that an inspection will occur, it’s not usually helpful for the HOA because countermeasures can be taken to hide any rule violations.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Homeowner’s Association, or if you have concerns about other real estate matters, don’t hesitate to reach out to our firm. Our team of skilled real estate lawyers is capable of providing trustworthy and helpful counsel on a variety of real estate matters. To schedule a free consultation, or to hire a real estate lawyer Phoenix respects, call Lorona Mead at 602-385-6825 today.